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As you may know there will be changes this year to children’s centres and how Surrey County Council supports families.


The new approach will involve Surrey County Council focusing its resources on helping the families most in need of support, which means that some of the existing children’s centres will close and others will become Family Centres. Surrey County Council will no longer provide universal services for all families at Family Centres but other organisations, such as health visitors, may offer these at the centres and at other community venues.


You can use the Family Information Directory to find universal and other services, support groups, activities, events and more.


The changes will take place at different times across Surrey’s 11 districts and boroughs, so to make sure families can find out what is happening in their area the district and borough pages on the Family Information Service website will be regularly updated from April. They will provide information about when current activities offered at children’s centres will close and where Family Centres will open. 


In addition there is a new page on the website which provides information about the final proposals that were agreed by Surrey County Council’s Cabinet. This also has a link to the results of the consultation that was undertaken to get views and suggestions on the draft proposals.


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Healthy Start Vitamins

 We now stock healthy start vitamins. Vitamins are essential nutrients that your body needs in small amounts so that it can work properly.

Even though you can get lots of vitamins from a healthy balanced diet, you still might not get everything you need at certain times in your life - such as pregnancy, a new mum or a small child. So UK health departments recommend that at these times you should take a supplement containing specific vitamins to make sure you get everything you need.

Healthy start vitamins are suitable for vegetarians and halal diets, and free from milk, egg, gluten, soya and peanut residues. Pregnant women , women with a baby under one year and children from six months old to their fourth birthday on Healthy start will get green healthy start vitamins coupon.

You can use your Healthy Start Vouchers in exchange for the vitamins or they can be purchased for £2 for children’s drops and £1 for women’s tablets.

Please call the Centre on 01932 568758 or for more information you can pop in between 9am-3pm.




Breast Pump Hire


We are now able to hire out our state of the art breast pump for families.

Many parents use a breast pump for a number of reasons, using a pump when you are apart from your baby helps you to be able to give breast milk to your baby and avoid the expense and hassle of feeding formula. Using a breast pump allows you the flexibility to get back to work or school without your baby having to miss out on your milk. 

The pump we have is the "Ardo Calypso plus Electric Breastpump" which is the same pump which is used on the maternity ward at St Peters and other hospitals. If you would like to find out more please call the centre for information.






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