Special Needs Support Centre

We have 10 places in the SNSC for children with varying and complex additional needs e.g. autism, developmental delay, Downs Syndrome, hearing impairment. The SNSC Lead runs this group with a team of learning support assistants, and the speech and language therapist works with the children for 1 session per week.   The SNSC classroom also has its own outdoor space directly linked, which the children can access during their session.  

The children’s individual needs are identified and we work closely with parents and a range of other professionals to develop strategies to help each child reach his/her potential. These vary from child to child but may include: pictorial timetables, Makaton*, PECS*, Intensive Interaction and Attention Autism.  We also provide daily opportunities for the children to access our soft play area which develops their social and interaction skills. 

*Makaton is a sign language which is always used with spoken language. Research indicates that using signs/ gestures promotes and stimulates speech development. This is an approach that we use throughout the Centre with all the children.

*PECS – Picture Exchange Communication System – this is to encourage and develop communication and language through exchanging pictures for an object or activity.

Our session times are currently 9am - 2pm.