Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

We are fully committed to the inclusion of all children and believe that this is beneficial to both the mainstream children and those with special needs that they play and learn together. We have long experience and expertise in working with children with varying special needs, and involve the parents, who know their child best, in every aspect of the child’s learning at nursery.

We have the skills and expertise to educate children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) in either our mainstream or our specialist class. Our specialist class supports children with identified complex needs. To find out more about the admissions process, please view our Admissions Policy  and SEND Admissions page.

Our specialist class can support children with a variety of additional needs, including autism.  Children may have mild physical difficulties and speech language and communication needs. To find out more visit our specialist class page.

To view our SEND Policy, SEND Information Report or Surrey Local Offer, please click on the appropriate links. Surrey County Council can be contacted for advice and support, contact the Surrey Learners Single Point of Access on 0300 200 1015.


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